Karen Kuhn
Custodial Services

When recruits tour Gaylord they comment on the beauty of the building and how well kept it is. This is in thanks to Karen and her hard work.

Eileen Chalupa
Marketing & Comm. Office

Eileen - Thank you for the fast turn around on the Annual Fund mailing insert.

Nancy Murphy
Financial Aid Office

Nancy Murphy deserves a huge thank you for her knowledge and expertise with FAFSA's. Nancy plays a big part in getting students to enroll.

Kelsee Meissner
Lincoln Undergraduate Program

Ms. Kelsee Meissner The Lincoln Registrar

Kristen Hetrick
Modern Language

Dr. Hetrick's dedication & hard work have helped our students to receive two Fulbrights so far!

Steve Gugel
Information Technology

Steve always goes above and beyond & is quick to respond. He always manages to use his comp. magic to help or fix things on a daily basis!

Raja Tayeh
Institutional Research

Raja does so much for not only the School of A&S but also for GPS. Her work with the graduation survey's is not going unnoticed. Thank you!

April Paschall
Omaha Undergrad Program

April is great for Doane! She is always eager to learn to be able to help her students even more on the Omaha campus. Thanks for all you do!

Lisa O'Connor
Grand Island Undergrad Program

Lisa has many great qualities but her attention to detail is second to none. Always helpful when dealing w/ catalog fixes & schedule errors!

Caroline Miller
Lincoln Undergraduate Program

Caroline has done a wonderful job learning & successfully managing Recruiter for the Lincoln campus. Thanks for all your time and hard work!

Fannie Smith
Sheldon Hall

fannie is a real trooper! always ready to lend a hand to anyone. She is supportive to students and co.workers. Always has a smile .

Heather Lambert

Heather exemplifies the mission and values of Doane College.

Jan Melichar

Jan is very kind and helpful! Always willing to help and gets the job done quickly and accurately. She's the best!

Julie Pinnell

Julie and Jayne were extremely helpful during the recent Board of Trustee meeting and made the unplanned flip of a classroom look easy!

Jayne Germer

Julie and Jayne were extremely helpful during the recent Board of Trustee meeting and made the unplanned flip of a classroom look easy!

Anne Ziola
Advancement Office

Anne does a great job with Alumni. The TOT program and the @Doane email/newsletter are exceptional.

Angie Klasek
Lincoln Undergraduate Program

Angie juggles many things and when a new "ball" is thrown her way she continues to juggle. She's great!

Jenei Skillett
Academic Affairs Office

Jenei did a great job handling all the commencement weekend activities. She's detailed and considerate. Yeah Jenei!

Janie Perry
Lincoln Undergraduate Program

Janie took on a big task to change Doane-Lincoln's prospect filing drawer arrangements and got it done quickly and accurately! Thanks Janie!

Janie Perry
Lincoln Undergraduate Program

Thank you for sorting and organizing our file system! You took a huge burden off of the advisor's shoulders! We appreciate you!

Denise Ellis

Great job planning this last potluck and all the prior ones. It is a nice time to enjoy food and fellowship with the employees of PW.

Steve Thompson
Information Technology

Steve is always willing to lend a helping hand and go above and beyond with all that he does. He is an incredible asset to the college.

Laura Sears
Business Office

Laura is willing to take time from her schedule to help in away way needed. Her support and positive attitude is appreciated by all.

Susan Rocker
Lincoln Undergraduate Program

Susan does a great job supporting G&PS VA students. She's GREAT!

Mike Carpenter
Information Technology

Thanks to Mike Carpenter for helping me with the technology in my classroom during the first week of classes. He is always very responsive!

Frank Chacon
Information Technology

Thanks to Frank Chacon for helping me solve a few technology problems that I had during the first week of class. I really appreciate it!

Pat Bohling
Custodial Services

Thank you Pat Bohling for helping me love a book shelf and rearranging the printer room for the Economics & Business Division!

Karen Kuhn
Custodial Services

Thank you Karen Kuhn for helping to move a book shelf and cleaning the printer room for the Economics & Business Division!

Mary Theobald
Financial Aid - Lincoln Campus

Thank you for answering questions for my students so quickly! You are instrumental in helping students make the decision to come to Doane!

Kelsee Meissner
Lincoln Undergraduate Program

Thank you for all the work you do in the background! Students (and staff!) have a very smooth experience at Doane because of all you do!

Ken Oglesby
Facilities Operations

Ken- Thank you so much for taking the time to help me move some things around and paint my office wall with Doane orange! You rock!