Cait Smith
Lincoln Campus

Caitlin is a key member of the CPS Advising Team. Her creativity and eagle eye for detail serve our team and students very well.

Dana Miller
CPS Graduate Business

Thanks Dana for your great work on the Developing Leader Coaches program revamp. Much appreciation for all you do and your service.

Cathy Hollman
Faculty Office

Cathy is a precious! She is so very willing to help. She thinks through projects from all angles, takes on important tasks and is gracious!

Michael Kangas

Michael is always very helpful in answering questions we have and takes the time to make sure things are done correctly.

Carrie Derickson
Admission Office

Carrie is one of the most pleasant and professional staff members at Doane. She always goes above and beyond to help our students!

Chris Brady
Omaha Campus

Chris has stepped into the job of Omaha Campus Director is kicking it! He is professional, motivated and gets it done with excellence.